Technologies in Transition

"Values" from a customer perspective are a combination of quality, service and price. The perception of '"value" is influenced positively by the variables of quality and service, but negatively by a price that is perceived to be "high". From the perspective of your customers, "value" represents a positively-perceived price/performance ratio. We can also speak of "values" in the form of your perceived competitive advantage as seen by your customers.

"Values" from employees' perspective signify the ethical rules in relation to constructive and fair cooperation within the company. It is necessary to promote good employees, but it is also necessary to integrate new employees and new ideas into the organization. A vital company is a company which is characterized equally by simultaneously preserving, becoming and eliminating.

From a holistic perspective, an overall strategy for the company can be derived that, in addition to internal optimizations, incorporates long-term goal directions, taking into account the market development.